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pump plungers      pump plungers creating process      pump plungers creating process

Over Twenty-Four Years of Manufacturing and Rebuilding Pump Plungers

pump plungers

At N&S Flame Spray, we’ve been manufacturing new pump plungers and rebuilding used plungers for more than twenty-four years.

Our team of experts has refined the spray welding process over the years allowing us to produce the highest quality plungers in the industry–spray welded using many types of coatings depending on the needs of our customers.

We have the equipment in-shop to spray a large number of coatings including nickel, ceramic, copper and aluminum and can also metalize if required.

Latest In CNC Machinery Technology

At N&S we pride ourselves on our ability to produce a wide variety of pump parts for manufacturers by using the latest in CNC machinery technology. We manufacture pump packing like the brass rings shown above.

pump plungers

This is just a sample of the manufacturing capabilities we bring to the marketplace.

Short Delivery Intervals

We inventory many pump parts, so we’re able to offer short delivery intervals to maintain high customer satisfaction ratings.

Get In Touch

For more information about our plunger repair capabilities or to talk to us about your plunger needs, contact our Technical Support Department today!